The BOD Noun ID appears in the Application Area of BOD XML documents as part of the value that gets published in the BODID element.

For "sync" BODs, the macro NIDID(DerBODID) can be used to specify this ID. The derived property DerBODID contains the key value of the BOD, and the rest of the ID is generated automatically by the system as shown below.

For "process" BODs, in some cases this ID is not published; in other cases, the macro LNIDID(DerBODID) can be used to specify the ID.

The structure of the full BOD Noun ID is as follows:



  • Infor-nid is a literal.
  • TenantID is defined by the Tenant ID specified for the site or intranet.
  • AccountingEntity is populated with the from site name.
  • Location is not published by this application for "sync" BODs. For some "process" BODs, it is populated with the site name.
  • Key is the property or parameter value that is passed to NIDID() or LNIDID().
  • Revision is optional and is not currently published by this application.

For example, the ID for a "sync" BOD looks like this:


The ID for a "process" BOD looks like one of the following: